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László Marácz

dr. L.K. (László) Marácz

Faculty of Humanities

Capaciteitsgroep Europese studies

MIME - Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe 

Keywords: cross-European mobility, social cohesion, societal multilingualism, language and communication skills, diversity arrangements 

The aim of the MIME project is to identify the language policies and strategies that best combine 'mobility' and 'inclusion.' Mobility is understood here as an outcome of the intensification of socio-political processes driven by globalisation. MIME emphasises complementarity between disciplines, and brings together researchers from sociolinguistics, political science, sociology, history, geography, economics, education, translation studies, psychology and law, who all have longstanding experience in the application of their discipline to language issues. The diverse concepts and methods are combined in an analytical framework designed to ensure their practice-oriented integration. MIME identifies, assesses and recommends measures for the management of trade-offs between the potentially conflicting goals of mobility and inclusion in a multilingual Europe. See here for more info.

Partners: Andy Shorten (University of Limerick), Ann Elisabeth and Laksfoss Hansen (Uppsala University), Anthony Pym (Universitat Rovira I Virgili), Astrid Von Busekist (SCIENCES PO), Balázs Vizi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Bengt-Arne Wickstrõm (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Christine Kaddous (University of Geneva), Eric Castagne (Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne), Filippo Gander (SCIPROM), François Grin (University of Geneva), Gabriele Iannàccaro (Universita degli Studi Milano-Bicocca), Helder De Schutter (K.U.LEUVEN), Kirsten Leufgen (SCIPROM), Lia Pop (University of Oradea), Manuel Célio Conceição (Universidade do Algarve), Marc Chesney (Fondation Observatoire de la Finance), Marija Omazić (Strossmayer University Osijek), Mark Fettes (Universita degli Studi Milano-Bicocca), Michele Gazzola (Humboldt-University zu Berlin), Nenad Stojanovic (K.U.LEUVEN), Nike Pokorn (University of Ljubljana), Paul H. Dembinski (Fondationm Observatoire de la Finance), Per Gustafson (Uppsala University), Peter Kraus  (University of Augsburg), Rob Dunbar (University of Edinburgh), Rudi Janssens (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Sabine Fiedler (University of Leipzig), Virginie Mamadouh (University of Amsterdam) and Zaneta Ozoliņa (University of Latvia Riga) 

Funding: The European Union and all the universities involved

Running Time:  March 2014-September 2018

Minority Politics and the Territoriality Principle in Europe 

The articles in this special section of the Nationalities Papers: The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity address the territoriality principle and its hardly operative practice on the ground, with particular attention to European cases. 

Co-guest Editor: Magdalena Dembinska

Running Time: Free online access until the end of 2014 


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