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Joost de Bloois

Dr. J.G.C. (Joost) de Bloois

Faculty of Humanities


Cultures of Precarity: Europe after Austerity 

Keywords: precarity, austerity, politics, movements

This book-length project investigates the cultural and political consequences of austerity politics in Europe. In particular, it focuses on conceptualistions of ‘precarity,' and the political uses of this concept within political as well as cultural movements that resist current austerity politics. The project explores different local ramifications in Europe of precarity, as a mode of social being, and austerity, as a political instrument.

Running Time: 2015-Ongoing

The Irregularisation of Migration in Contemporary Europe

Keywords: migration, Europe, deportation, irregularisation, border theory

This volume results from the 2013 ACGS conference ‘Detention, Deportation, Drowning in La Mer Mortelle: The Irregularisation of Migration in Contemporary Europe’ and will de published by Rowman and Littlefield in Fall 2014. The book addresses the intertwined political, legal, cultural and normative dimensions of the irregularisation of migration. Working from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on social sciences, legal studies and the humanities, it investigates the causes and effects of the moral extremities experienced by migrants. As its case study it takes the ever-proliferating practices and discourses of bordering and border control, and analyses the complicated field of discourses and practices of migration regulation in the European Union. The significance of this field, however, extends well beyond the European context. On the one hand, the monitoring of Europe’s borders increasingly takes place on a global scale (for example, with the extension of Europe’s physical and administrative barriers into Africa, the Middle East and Asia Minor). On the other hand, the propagation of zones of legal indeterminacy, the growing immaterialisation of policing strategies and the resulting irregularisation of migration reflect a global trend. 

Co-editors: Robin Celikates (University of Amsterdam) and Yolande Jansen (University of Amsterdam)

Running Time: 2014

New Political Anthropologies

Keywords: decoloniality, political anthropology, indigenous thought, biopolitics

This project consists of a series of public events (conference, seminars, lectures) exploring the renewed relevance of ‘political anthropology’ (Pierre Clastres). In particular, it addresses the resurgence of such a ‘political anthropology’ in the context of globalisation considered as de-westernisation. In particular, the project investigates the relevance and theoretical innovation of ‘decolonial thought’ and ‘indigenous thought’ for theories of globalisation and their epistemological as well as cultural underpinnings. The project consists of 

  • a seminar on savagery and barbarism (with Prof. Federico Luisetti, University of North Carolina and Dr. Maria Boletsi, Leiden, in 2014);
  • a seminar on biopolitical anthropology (with Prof. Roberto Esposito, University of Naples, in 2014);
  • an international conference entitled 'New Political Anthropologies' (Spring 2015). The project will result in a collective publication. 

Partners: ACGS, NICA, Leiden University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Funding: ACGS, NICA, Leiden University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Running Time: 2013-2015


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