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Prof. dr. K.E. (Kati) Röttger

Theatre Studies
Faculty of Humanities
Theatre Studies
Photographer: Eduard Lampe

Visiting address
  • Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18
Postal address
  • Postbus 93065
    1090 BB Amsterdam
  • short academic CV

    Since March 2007, Kati Röttger is professor and chair of the Institute of Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She had completed her doctoral studies at the Freie Universät Berlin, Germany, in 1992, on Collective Creation in the New Colombian Theatre, after having spent two years in Colombia for fieldwork. Since then, she has been engaged in the mediation of cultural and academic exchange between performance artists and academics of Latin America and Europe. Between 1995 and 1998 she was postdoc at the Graduiertenkolleg „Gender-Difference and Literature“ at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany), followed by an appointment at  the Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz (Germany) as Assistant Professor until 2005. Here, she completed her Habilitation on Fremdheit und Spektakel. Theater als Medium des Sehens. Her research activities are currently affiliated to Amsterdam Center of Globalisation Studies, the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis and to the Institute of Culture and History.  Her actual research topics are Image Cultures and Globalization, Politics of Performance, Spectacle and Spectacularity (in the 19th century).  She is co-founder of the Master of Arts of International Performance Research that is running in close cooperation with the Universities of Warwick, Helsinki and Belgrade since 2008. From February 2013 on she is doing research at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies due to a half year Fellowship. 

  • Research Projects





    1. Book Project


    Title:                          Stages of Globalization: Spectacles of Society around 1800 and Today


    Key Words:   Images, Media, Theatre, Transnational, History


    Description: The research project is focused on the central question to which extent specific relationships of the visible and the audible (image and word) in theatrical representations create orders of looking that perform transnational imaginations. It examines the aesthetics of theatre as a "Leitmedium" in the late 18th-century Europe and the image-politics after 9/11, focusing on the relationship between theatre and new media under the conditions of so called globalization. This leap into the 21st century is introduced by the hypothesis that the early 19th century as well as the early 21st century are confronted with a 'spectacular impulse' concomitant to social, media-technological and epistemological historical breaks..


    Period:          Until August 2013


    Funding:       NIAS



    2. Collaboration (together with Alexander Jackob)


    Title:              ATLAS: Performing TransATLAantic Knowledge S/treams


    Key Words:   Knowledge,  Transnational, Education, Pictorial, Globalization


    Description: This project  aims to create  a common virtual platform to share diverse forms of knowledge that will forward tools for a Dramaturgy of Difference in Globalized Universal Teaching. Departure  point is to combine practices of literacy and performativity (embodiment) with pictorial knowledge to overcome epistemological and geographical hierarchies. It is organized along the lines and logics of the ‘Atlas’, reflecting on different reformulations and reorganizations of the concept as  it was  in first instance envisioned by Aby Warburg. Main reference points for the rework on the atlas are George Didi-Huberman’s Atlas: How to carry the world on one’s back?  and Walid Raad’s ongoing project on The Atlas Group.


    Partners:       University of Sao Paulo,  Institute of Theatre and Performance Studies


    Period:          ongoing



    3.        Book Project


    Title:              Poetologies of artistic practices in the global sphere           



    Key Words:   Arts, Public sphere, Politics, Aesthetics, Agency



    Description: This project focuses on increasing simultaneous cultural processes of homogenization and heterogenization of human co-existence in a global sphere. It questions the artistic strategies that are directed to and performed in a global public space, by looking for new poetological claims. This means to analyse dynamical spatio-temporal configurations and conditions of “stages of globalization” to understand the specific relations between action (agency) and perception (spectatorship) as a new challenge for artistic practices (like e.g. urban interventions).



    Period:          ongoing





    This project is affiliated to the project on “Emotional Democracy”  initiated by Josef Früchtl (UvA)



  • Affiliations

    Member of the editor’s board of  the Theatre Review Forum Modernes Theater



    Member of the working group Dramaturgy of Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft



    Member of the advisory board of  the series »Amsterdam German Studies« (Heidelberger Synchron-Verlag)



    Member of Gesellschaft für Theaterwissenschaft



    Member of FIRT (International Federation of Theatre Studies)



    Member of ASCA (Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis)



    Member of ACGS (Amsterdam Center of Globalization Studies)



    1989-2012 Member and Chair of “Theater- und Mediengesellschaft Lateinamerika”, Köln







  • List of Publications


    Kollektives Theater als Spiegel lateinamerikanischer Identität. La Candelaria und das neue kolumbianische Theater. Vervuert Verlag, Frankfurt/M. 1992.

    Edited Books

    Most recent:

    Gender & Performance.  Jaarboek voor vrouwengeschiedenis, no. 32.  Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press 2012.

    In chronological order:

    *Theater im Schutt der Systeme. Dokumente einer Begegnung zwischen dem Cono Sur und Deutschland. Ed. with Martin Roeder-Zerndt. Vervuert Verlag, Frankfurt/M. 1997.
    *Geschlechter/ Performance-Pathos-Politik. Das postkoloniale Theater lateinamerikanischer Autorinnen. Ed. with Heidrun Adler. Vervuert Verlag, Frankfurt/M. 1998.
    *In English and Spanish:  Performance-patos-política de los sexos. El teatro postcolonial de autoras latinoamericanas. Vervuert Verlag, Madrid, New York 1999.
    Theaterstücke lateinamerikanischer Autorinnen. Ed. with Heidrun Adler. Vervuert Verlag, Frankfurt/M 1998.
    *Differenzen in der Geschlechterdifferenz./ Differences within Gender Studies. Aktuelle Perspektiven der Geschlechterforschung. Ed. with Heike Paul. Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin 1999.
    *Theater und Bild. Inszenierungen des Sehens. Ed. with Alexander Jackob. Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld 2009.
    *Theater zwischen Markt und Politik. Zur Spektakularisierung europäischer Kultur im 19. Jahrhundert. Sondernummer Forum Modernes Theater, Heft 2, Band 23 (2009).
    *Welt-Bild-Theater. Band 1: Politik des Wissens und der Bilder.  Schriftenreihe Forum Modernes Theater (Band 37) Narr Verlag, Tübingen 2010.
    *Welt-Bild-Theater. Band 2: Bildästhetik im Bühnenraum. Schriftenreihe Forum Modernes Theater (Band 38) Narr Verlag, Tübingen 2012.

    Co-edited Series

    Since 2005:

    Kleine Mainzer Schriften der Theaterwissenschaft  (Tectum Verlag, Marburg). This series is meant to edit excellent Master Dissertations with a foreword of the supervisor, for example:
    Maya van den Heuvel-Arad: Focalizing Bodies. Visual Narratology in the Post-Dramatic Theatre. 2010.

    Götz Dapp: Mediaclash in Political Theatre. Building on and continuing Brecht. 2007.
    Maren Butte: Das Absterben der Pose. Die Subversion des Melodramas in Cindy Shermans Fotoarbeiten. 2006.
    Pia Wigmink: Theatralität und öffentlicher Raum. Die Situationistische Internationale am Schnittpunkt von Kunst und Politik. 2005.
    1993 – 2000
    Moderne Dramatik Lateinamerikas  und Theater in Lateinamerika (more than 20 volumes) Edited by Theater- und Mediengesellschaft Lateinamerika, Vervuert Verlag, Frankfurt am Main.

    Articles (academic)


    Most recent:


    „Das andere Melodrama. Vom Pathos der Fremdheit in Fassbinders Angst essen Seele auf, Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss und Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant“ (together with Maren Butte),  in C..F.N. Colin; Schößler;Thurn (Ed.). Prekäre Obsession. Minoritäten im Werk von Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Bielefeld: transcript. 2012, p. 125-153.


    „Gender and Performance at odds? How to deal with Pardadoxes, Paralyse, and Provocations. Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis, 32 (2012), p. 9-30.


    “Stadt als Bühne: Urbane Intervventionen und die Raum-Zeit der Globalisierung, in: D. Hartmann, I. Lemke, J. Nitsche (eds.): Interventionen. Grenzüberschreitungen in Ästhetik, Politik und Ökonomie. München: Fink 2012, p. 127-138.


     In chronological order:



    "Creación Colectiva. Mode oder Methode im Prozeß der nationalen Theaterentwicklung in Lateinamerika?", in: Theater in Lateinamerika. Ein Handbuch. Hrsg. von Heidrun Adler. Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin 1992, 105 - 125.

    "De functie van volkstheater in Latijns-Amerika", in: Volkstheater in mondiaal perspektief. Hrsg. von Kees Epskamp. Den Haag 1994, 135-149.

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    span.: “Cuerpos destrozados: Recuerdos a una nación en La Historia de la Sangre del grupo chileno Teatro La Memoria”, in: Teatro Apuntes, (Chile) No. 112, 1er semestre 1997, 115-127.

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    Articles (non-academic)


    Most recent:

    „Het kleine en het grote. Engagement in tijden van globalisering” (together with Fanne Boland), in: TM : tijdschrift over theater, muziek en dans, 9&10 (2012), p. 58-61.

    In chronological order:

    "Ojos alemanes sobre el teatro bogotano", in: El Espectador Dominical. Bogotá, 2. 6. 1985.

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    “Kati Röttger herleest Antonin Artaud”, Nieuwsbrief Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen UvA, no. 135, februari 2011.


    Book Reviews

    Claudia Öhlschläger: “Augenzeugen. Zur Konstruktion männlicher Autorschaft im (heimlichen) Blick auf das Bild der Frau”, in: Feministische Studien (2), S. 173-176.

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    Contributions to encyclopedia


     Lexikon THEATER International. Hrsg. von J. Ch. Trilse-Finkelstein. Henschel-Verlag Berlin 1995.

    "Performance", zusammen mit Vera Apfelthaler, in: Reallexikon der deutschen Literaturwissenschaft : Neubearbeitung des Reallexikons der deutschen Literaturgeschichte/ gemeinsam mit Harald Fricke hrsg. von Klaus Weimar et al.. - Berlin [u.a.] 2003.


  • Publications




    • Röttger, K. (2020). Dramaturgie als Methode? Prolegomena für eine ,Arbeit am Drama'. In C. Balme, & B. Szymanski-Düll (Eds.), Methoden der Theaterwissenschaft (pp. 337-352). (Forum Modernes Theater; Vol. 56). Narr Francke Attempto. [details]
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