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Deportation, Detention, Drowning in la Mer Mortelle

Critical Perspectives on the Irregularization of Migration

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Programme: DAY 1

Friday 22nd February
Welcome & Panel I

Welcome: Joost de Bloois & Robin Celikates

Panel I-

Part A

Cultural-Political Conditions of Extremities

Presentations of papers distributed in advance, and comments on each other’s papers; roundtable with all participants.

Chair: Joost de Bloois (Comparative literature, UvA)

Henk van Houtum – Remapping the Borders of Apartheid

(Geopolitics of Borders, University of Bergamo & Geopolitics and Political Geography, Radboud University Nijmegen, & Nijmegen Centre for Border Research (NCBR))

Yolande Jansen – Deportability and European Public Intellectuals about Migration

(ACGS/Philosophy, UvA & Theology/Socrates Foundation, VU University)

Nicholas de Genova – Extremities and Regularities: Regulatory Regimes and the Spectacle of Immigration Enforcement

(Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London)

Henk Wildschut –  Shelter

(Photographer and Artist)

Panel I-

Part B

Juan Amaya Castro – Towards a Political Economy of (In)visibility in Citizenship

(Law, VU University)

Marieke Borren – Illegal Immigrants, the People and the Paradox of Democracy

(Philosophy, Groningen University)

Elke Uitentuis  – Architecture of Exclusion in the Netherlands


Huub Dijstelbloem – Publics versus Non-Publics. Mediating Technologies and the Politics of Border Control

(University of Amsterdam/ Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR))

Panel discussion

Friday 22nd February
Public Debate in Spui25

Chair: Ernst van den Hemel & Yolande Jansen

Nicholas de Genova

Didier Bigo

Ieme van der Poel

Sandro Mezzadra

Followed by a debate with the audience

Programme: DAY 2
Saturday 23rd February

Panel II-

Part A

Varieties of Irregularization

Presentations of papers distributed in advance, and comments on each other’s papers; roundtable with all participants.

Chair: Yolande Jansen

Didier Bigo – The Professional Guilds of (Smart) Border Management: Truth Telling about (In)security Assemblages

(War Studies, King’s College London & Sciences Po Paris)

Marie Beauchamps – ‘Terrorism’ and National Identity: Networks and Borders in the Security Paradigm

(Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA))

Bas Schotel – EU’s Management of Migration Flows and the Rule of Law: From individual to migration flow

(Law, UvA)

Huub van Baar - The Perpetual Mobile Machine of Forced Mobility: Europe’s Roma and the Institutionalization of Rootlessness

(European Studies, UvA)

Panel II-

Part B

Sonja Buckel – The Rights of the Irregularized: Constitutional Struggles at the EU’s Southern Border

(Institut für Sozialforschung, Frankfurt am Main)

Polly Pallister-Wilkins – Good Guys, Bad Guys and the Invisible Inbetween: Humanitarian Border-Control in the Evros Borderland

(Political Science, UvA)

Julien Jeandesboz – Controlling/Capturing: Violence and the Normalisation of the EU Border Control Apparatus

(Political Science, UvA)

Veit Bader – Kick off for comments

(Philosophy, UvA)

Panel III-

Part A

Practices of Resistance

Presentations of papers distributed in advance, presentations by artists, activists and migrants.

Chair: Robin Celikates (Philosophy, UvA)

Sandro Mezzadra – Borderscapes of Differential Inclusion: Beyond Exclusion and Citizenship

(Political Theory, Bologna University)

Ieme van der Poel – The Harraga Novel: Representations of a Human Tragedy from Both Sides of the Mediterranean

(French Studies, UvA)

Sanne Kos, Marcel Maussen en Jeroen Doomernik – Contested policies of exclusion: municipal governments contra restrictive national immigration policies in the Netherlands

(Political Science, UvA)

Christian Mommers – Negotiating the Politics of Immigration Detention in the Netherlands: A View from Civil Society

(Amnesty International Netherlands)

Migrant Activists – Migronomics: Migrants beyond the Victim Status; Recent Migrant Self-Organization in the Netherlands

(Representatives from het Wereldhuis and from de Vluchtkerk, migrant-communities in the Netherlands)

Karel Smouter – interview by Ernst van den Hemel: De Vluchtkerk,  Migrant Self-Organization and New Alliances

(Philosophy and Religious Studies, Amsterdam University College and UU)