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ACGS vice-director Esther Peeren has been awarded the prestigious Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

E. Peeren
Photo: Eduard Lampe

She has received this grant for her research project 'Imagining the rural in a globalising world'.

Research project

With globalisation primarily considered an urban phenomenon, its impact on rural areas has largely been neglected. Tackling this blind spot is urgent as rural-urban divides persist and rural communities, notably in the 2016 Brexit referendum and the US presidential election, claim their concerns about globalisation are being ignored. Using a comparative approach, the project examines the crucial role played by cultural imaginations of the rural in literature, film and television in determining what aspects of contemporary rural life do and do not become visible, which affects how the rural can be mobilised politically. The countries compared are the UK, the US, the Netherlands, China and South Africa.

prof. dr. E. (Esther) Peeren

vice-director ACGS