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This interactive performance by interdisciplinary artist collective Moving Matters Traveling Workshop and roundtable discussion explores the relations between voice, movement and heritage making.

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Date 17 May 2018
Time 14:15 - 18:00

Traverse Heritage is an experimental performance piece which looks at the relation between voice, body and movement in relation to Dutch identity in Amsterdam. The piece asks what is this relationship and how is it played out in the museum and in everyday life in Amsterdam, between persons of mixed background and of European heritage, the museum object and museum visitor?

Using variously organised mobile bodies — some who are the historical products of forced migration and others who have chosen to migrate multiple times — the performance brings together local, Amsterdam-based communities of music and dance, differently colonised Indian Australian migrant artists / scholars and Euro-American visual artists, theorists and anthropologists. What emerges out of this coming together, in situ, on site, forces us to question who is the object and who is the subject, and how to subvert this division in order to learn how to “neighbour” each other in the current political climate. 

The performance will be followed by a roundtable discussion about heritage-making in and beyond the museum (Universiteitstheater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18, 16:30), which is a ten-minute walk from Hermitage Amsterdam.



Interactive performance of the interdisciplinary artist collective Moving Matters Traveling Workshop. With performer/scholar Priya Srinivasan (Melbourne), performer/composer Uthra Vijay, choirs Sannas and DoReMiMi (Amsterdam) and conductor Dennis W. Thompson II


Roundtable discussion with Annemarie de Wildt (Amsterdam Museum), Rivke Jaffe (UvA), Susan Ossman (University of California Riverside) and Priya Srinivasan (Melbourne). Moderated by Olga Sezneva (UvA) 




This event is free and open to all, but please let us know if you are coming by sending an email to or using the button below.

Urban Valorization

The two-day event Urban Valorization, consisting of this performance and a workshop, addresses processes of valorization in contemporary cities captured in terms such as ‘heritage’, ‘culture’ or ‘memory’. It seeks to question which aspects of urban spaces and cultures are deemed as desirable (or unwanted) in view of the increased diversity of urban publics and struggles for the decolonization of urban spaces. Through the lens of urban valorization, the aim is to investigate how various urban stakeholders and publics produce, assess and diffuse value of particular urban spaces and artefacts as part of identity and memory politics.

The event is organised by Carolyn Birdsall (Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis), Olga Sezneva (Cultural Sociology), Linda van de Kamp (Political Sociology) and Anastasiya Halauniova (Cultural Sociology) in cooperation with the Amsterdam Museum and the Moving Matters Traveling Workshop. The event is funded by the Centre for Urban Studies (Seed Grant), the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO VENI-Grant), the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies and the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis.


The performance takes place at the Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age, inside Hermitage Amsterdam, Amstel 51, 1018 DR Amsterdam. The following round table discussion, starting at 16:30 is in the Universiteitstheater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18.

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